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DC9 Engine Failure Pussle

Thu Apr 08, 1999 11:29 pm

Was wondering if someone could help me with something that happened to me back in the 80's on a Republic DC9 out of Phoenix. While taxiing to the runway I noticed the ashtray was vibrating and making a lot of noise. I was sitting in the last seat next to the right engine. I turned to my friend and jokingly commented how I saw that in the Movie "The High and the Mighty". We both laughed about it. However, 10 minutes after we lifted off the runway I heard and felt a loud bang and the planes nose suddenly dropped and allarm bells started going off behind me in the flight attendants compartment. I thought we had been in a mid-air and was pretty nervous when the captain came on and said we had lost our right engine. We turned back to Phoenix and landed with fire engines and the whole bit. When I walked to the parking ramp to get a look at the plane, they had the access door open but I couldn't see any damage to the engine. I've always wondered what happened and was wondering if anyone on this forum might have some ideas. Thanks Bob
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RE: DC9 Engine Failure Pussle

Fri Apr 09, 1999 12:14 am

There could be many possibilities to this: one of the high pressure pipe might rupture; or one of the fan blade might break...
Whatever the reason, the engine crowling is designed to "contain" fragments from an rupture. So in most cases, you won't see external damage to the engine.
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RE: DC9 Engine Failure Pussle

Fri Apr 09, 1999 1:06 am

It could have been a compressor stall w a precautionary shut down. That is more common than an engine failure.