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To My Mexican Friends...... Taesa

Sat Jan 06, 2001 9:38 am

Anybody that knows.....

I know TAESA suspended operations last year. They have not resumed ops since then, have they?

I heard they had a pretty dismal safety and service record. True?

They had a number of 757s and 737-300 and -500s. Does anybody know whom they acquired these aircraft from and what their present status is?

Last time I flew into MEX was July '00, and if I remember correctly, TAESA still had their markings on their hangar. Does that remain true today?

I know I'm asking a lot. Any info you have is appreciated.



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RE: To My Mexican Friends...... Taesa

Sat Jan 06, 2001 10:24 am

TAESA went bankrupt after the government crackdown that ensued the crash of a DC-9 in 99, it was speculated that shoddy maintenance caused the crash, but it was actually caused by the unexperienced co-pilot who inadvertedly caused the plane to stall on takeoff. So the government crackdown wasn't really because of concern for safety, but more for political reasons, TAESA is rumored to had been founded with money from either ex president Salinas and his "friends" from the Hank family, well known sleazeballs, so with Salinas long out of the picture and after the Hank family had sold their part in the ailing airline, they were without protection, the crash was a good excuse to revoke their airworthyness certificate.
So TAESA is no more, their assets have been sold and the planes returned to the leasing companies.
Some of their assets were bought by a new consortium and will form a new company called Lineas Aereas Azteca, and they will supposedly operate a fleet of 737-300's, targeting the same market segment as the now defunct TAESA, If I remember correctly they should start operating in March or so.

Hope that answers your questions !

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RE: To My Mexican Friends...... Taesa

Sat Jan 06, 2001 11:32 am


Well, Taesa was a horrible airline. Check out the topic as there was so much said in early 2000 when Taesa went bankrupt.

I can remember that someone said that there was an instance when the flight was so overbooked that they allowed passengers to sit on the toilets for take offs. Wether it's true or not, I'm uncertain, but there was many horror stories alleged by the ex-employees as well as passengers.

Many F/A's were fired from the company because they had voted to join the same union that AeroMexico and Mexicana's F/A's use. Employees were also paid dirt poor wages. It was said that some F/As were paid an average $20.00 for a days work when the other Mexican F/A's get paid anywhere from $85-$100.00.

Frankly, I'm glad they're out of service. They weren't of good use to anyone. But thats not for me to say.

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