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Aircraft Maintainence

Sun Jan 07, 2001 1:53 am

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Isn't it a bit strange to bring an aircraft to such a distance for maintainence? What I mean is the time cost(need to take the aircraft out of service for a few days more for the journey from China to MEL and back) and the fuel cost for the aircraft a single-aisle aircraft to fly to Australia. Does any other airline does this also?
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RE: Aircraft Maintainence

Sun Jan 07, 2001 2:00 am

I don't know where they sent them but UK Charter Airline Air Scandic recently pulled off a superb piece of planning when they sent their only two aircraft (A300B4's) for deep maintainence at the same time! They were out of service for about a month.

I dread to think how much money they have lost by doing that. I know it was probably unavoidable but it still seems mad to have all your planes on the ground at the same time!

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