United Flight Attendants

Fri Apr 09, 1999 11:19 pm

What is the general schedule for a United flight attendant. How many trips a week/month? How many flights a day? I'm interested to know. And is United the best airline on which to be a flight attendant?

RE: United Flight Attendants

Sat Apr 10, 1999 6:22 am

My mom is a UA FA and she says that they can just bid for trips that they want to fly, and can try to trade or drop trips that they do not want to fly.
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RE: United Flight Attendants

Sat Apr 10, 1999 7:37 am

My mom is a FA for UA at SFO. Generally speaking, domestically, there are maybe one or two trips (1 or 2 day trips) per week. Internationally, my mom works 12 days out of the month (the majority of the trips are 3 day). UA has a lot of overseas-based FA's in LHR, CDG, FRA, NRT, HKG, SIN, and BKK. These FA's take a lot of the flying (trips) away from the US based FA's, so that is not good. You would probably start out domestically, and in the domestic stations, there are a lot of FA's on reserve---must be at the airport...specified dates, times, etc. just incase you need to fill in for another FA/crew. My mom was on reserve for 17 years at LAX, and then her seniority went up, and she was able to obtain REALLY good trips. E-mail if you have any further questions! My mom and I will be more than happy to help out!! FLY UAL!