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Foreign Airline Investment In TWA

Tue Jan 09, 2001 12:19 am

As things stand now under US laws, no foreign airline can own more than a 25% interest in a US airline. From time to time there has been some limited discussion in raising the allowed limit to 49%. Now that another US airline is about to disappear from the scene, would the govt. think about raising the limit now to preserve some and perhaps even increase compoetition in the US airline industry? Also dont forget and dont underestimate the influence of house minority leader Richard Gephardt in all the behind the scenes wrangling that will come up. He will do everything in his power to preserve the jobs and economic health of his district. That of course happens to be St. Louis. Frankly I would not be surprised to see some talk of increasing the foreign ownership in US airlines.What the final result will be who knows.