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Alitalia With Red For US$. 164 Milion!

Wed Jan 10, 2001 6:49 am

Because of astronomic fuel prices ALITALIA has got serious economic problems and they had to cut some Italian and int'l routes this winter ( many flights on Naples , Bari and int'l Rome FCO-Addis Abeba and from Milan MXP to Sydney,Nairobi,Addis Abeba and Bangkok had all been cancelled). This situation had also probably influeced ALITALIA decision to cancel the 5 orders for B.747-400 and to convert them into 6 orders for the cheaper (price,fuel,maintenance) B.777-200ER.
I heard also British Airways has got similar problems,they will probably cut their fleet of 767-300s.
Somebody know something more detailed on BA situation?

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RE: Alitalia With Red For US$. 164 Milion!

Wed Jan 10, 2001 6:57 am

Hey all,
I know that BA is pulling all 747-200s and some 747-400s. Some Us routes will be kept open (747-400 flights). Denver will remain 747-400 while Phoenix and San Diego will go to 777-200ER. I have heard nothing about the retirement of 767-300s, although I have heard that BA may send more of them to Qantas (who already have a handful of BA 763s).

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