Crash Of T H Y 737

Sun Apr 11, 1999 2:00 am

Something to think about:

The Boeing 737 dissappeared from radar seven minutes after departure, no mayday call, no indication that anything was wrong. Impact is believed to be high speed, nose down. Oh, oh.....not a rudder reversal again I hope ?!

Boeing must be a bit worried too I suspect.

These are just some interesting thoughts to think about and this posting is of a highly speculative nature. Nothing has been concluded yet and probably won't be until at least a year or so.

RE: Crash Of T H Y 737

Sun Apr 11, 1999 2:54 am

Where did you get this info? The last I heard on April 7th via Reuters was that the plane became "engulfed in flames shortly after takeoff" and then crashed into a field. The source is Anatolian News Agency. Interestingly, the GM of THY said it was most likely a fault in the steering.

Why would a fault in the steering, or the rudder system, result in the plane becoming engulfed in flames. This doesn't make any sense. Either the GM is cruising for a monster insurance payout, or someone is confused about when exactly the plane erupted in flames. Its easy to see how rumors can get started. We shall see...
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RE: Crash Of T H Y 737

Sun Apr 11, 1999 3:53 am

The only details available are that the Boeing 737 departed Adana at 00.36h for a flight to Jeddah to pick up Turkish pilgrims. Weather was poor when the plane crashed, nine minutes after takeoff. The wreckage was found to have been scattered over a 500sq feet area. Also, a 10m deep hole was found at the point of impact.

Source: Aviation Safety Network

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