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Random Italian And Af?s

Thu Jan 11, 2001 11:23 am

Hey all, im flying to Italy over easter break, and am goona try to take advantage of deltas alliance with Af by nonrevin with them. Im staying in florence and would like to know if Af flys there. If not where is the closest place they fly to Florence, and how far is it from there? Also when will af be putting the 747s on the Atlanta and Cincinnati flights?
All helps appreciated thanks in advance
Andrew H.
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RE: Random Italian And Af?s

Thu Jan 11, 2001 8:33 pm

Hi Andrew
I am a flight attendant with AF, so here is some info on your questions.
AF flies 6 times daily to Florence at those times:
7:15am 9:55am 1:30pm 3:40pm 5:10pm and 6:45pm the flights take 1h50 and are operated by dual-class BAe 146 from a partner franchised carrier (Cityjet IATA code WX).
As for flights to ATL and CVG, I have no info on any change of aircraft except that the 767-300 will be phased out as from the end of this year with the introduction of the 330-200's. ATL is still operated with 340-300 and 777-200, the latter being fully equipped with the new PTV's.
Bon voyage with us!!