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TAP To Africa

Thu Jan 11, 2001 1:27 pm

When I was in Portugal recently I was able to get some great TAP memorobilia. I bought some old TAP Air Portugal postcards and I found one particularly interesting. It's a first flight card from about the inauguration of jet service between LIS-LAD (Lisbon-Luanda). Although this card is dated October 5, 1963 and TAP didn't recieve it's first 707 until December of 1965. I know TAP already had Caravelles in 1963 did they fly those to Luanda? There is no picture of an aircraft on the postcard so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
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RE: TAP To Africa

Thu Jan 11, 2001 11:25 pm

Hi DETA737.

Infact the 707 that started that service was a Sabena 707 leased. Also during the early years of 1960's TAP also leased Caravelles and Tridents from Air France and BEA to make services to London and Paris until TAP received their brand new Caravelles and B. 727's.
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