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United 777

Mon Apr 12, 1999 6:13 am

Hi all :

Is United Airlines the only airline which uses B777 for its domestic routes ? No other airlines use B777 for domestic flight ... AA and Delta use B777 for transcontinental flights such as from ATL to Tokyo or from Dallas to Narita while United flies B777 from ORD to DEN and DEN to LAX. Any idea or thought ... thanks

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RE: United 777

Mon Apr 12, 1999 6:25 am

United flies most of their 777s to Europe but yes they do fly them domestic because they have a sizable fleet of 747s that fly to Asia. Anyway United is starting 777 fights to asia by the end of this year.
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RE: United 777

Mon Apr 12, 1999 6:35 am

CO-No Domestic

AA-Chicago-Dallas/Fort Worth(Eff. July 1)


UA-Denver-Newark, Washington-Dulles,Los Angeles,Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco

Washington Dulles-Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago

JFK-San Francisco

Los Angeles-Miami

Miami-Chicago, San Francisco

Chicago-San Francisco

RE: United 777

Mon Apr 12, 1999 6:45 am

Just to clarify, Andy, flights such as DFW-NRT are not transcontinental, they are intercontinental. Transcontinental refers to flights across a continent, such as SAN-JFK. Intercontinental would refer to flights between two continents.
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RE: United's Domestic 777's

Mon Apr 12, 1999 7:21 am

UA doesn't fly the 777's domestically just for the heck of it. All of UA's 777 flights connect on to other 777 international flights, whether they be over the Atlantic, or to South America.

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RE: United 777

Mon Apr 12, 1999 7:41 am

I think it is a good thing that united is using widebodies like the 747,767, 777, and DC-10 on domestic routes. It gives me an extra feeling of comfort. More airlines are now using widebodies on domestic routes like Delta is using the L-1011.

Hello- 777 Is Domestic For A..

Mon Apr 12, 1999 8:05 am

reason! Say there is a NRT-LAX flight. They will have a 777. Then there is a HEAVY amount of passengers from LAX and NRT who need to get to DEN. So the 777 moves on to DEN. But some people from LAX and lots of people from DEN need to get to IAD, even some NRT people do. So the 777 moves right along. Maybe not so many, but they need the 777 for IAD-LHR. And LHR-NRT. And the cycle starts all over again. See?

RE: CO Does Domestic

Mon Apr 12, 1999 8:47 am

Just a few minutes ago I was tracking CO flight 42 from IAH - EWR with a 777, and I belive they also use it on EWR - MCO routes.
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RE: CO Does Domestic

Mon Apr 12, 1999 9:30 am

I am going by a recent article in USA Today. It didn't have those routes listed in the paper so you may be right.
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United's 777's

Mon Apr 12, 1999 10:00 am

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that some UA 777's are not ETOPS qualified. If that's the case then they cant be used to jump any of the two ponds (oceans).

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All 777's Are Etops

Mon Apr 12, 1999 10:02 am

All 777's are ETOPS qualified. That was the 'new thing' with the 777.

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777 Routes

Mon Apr 12, 1999 11:21 pm

They wouldn't operate the 777 from LHR-NRT though. That would be a 747-400. Also, the NRT-LAX would be a 747-400 for now.
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