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Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sat Jan 13, 2001 6:49 pm

Sometime ago, I read with fascination the possibility of commencing a Brussels-Jeddah-Nairobi-Harare-Johannesbury pure-freight flight. Since reading this, nothing has materialised, consequently begging the question: Why doesn't Belgium, as a former major African colony holder, operate more freight-only flights between Brussels and destinations within Africa? Perhaps a part of the answer is that Sabena already has considerable flights between Brussels and Africa, which can obviously carry limited amounts of cargo in the aircrafts belly.

Does anyone know the answer as to why this particular service didn't commence, the reason why not many services are operated to Africa, and suggest any possible new freight-only services?

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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sat Jan 13, 2001 7:05 pm

Most of the African cargo services operate from Ostend or Liege. CityBird's A300-600F operates down there as well.
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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sat Jan 13, 2001 7:42 pm

To see some real unusual cargo flights and destinations, check out the arrival/departure board at Ostend airport:

Liege (LGG) is the european headquarter for TNT, Ostend usually handles all other cargo flights, it is still a good place to see some 707s, DC-8s, IL-76s and AN-124s. Excellent positions all around the perimeter to take photos!!!!

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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sat Jan 13, 2001 8:15 pm

Sabena had a 707 freighter flight to Africa for a while. I can't remember who was the operator nore the registration but a litte 'Sabena' title was applied to the fuselage. It didn't last long and was discontinuated after a couple of weeks, during 1996. a limo but with wings
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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sat Jan 13, 2001 8:48 pm

Add up the city bird A300-600Fs and all the cargo flights from Liege and mostly from Ostend and that actually makes quite alot. Common visitors to Ostend are angolan and congolese (ex Zaire) operators (ex Scide airlift ...).
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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sun Jan 14, 2001 12:03 am

Not to offend any Aficans that may read this but here it goes.

Africa's airspace is the worst in the world! It is the most unsafe out of any airspace out there. Then you have problems with getting shot at. Having you plane sabotaged so you can't leave then your cargo disappears and your radios are gone. The list goes on and on. I would much rather have layovers at the North Pole than to make a fuel stop in Africa.
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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sun Jan 14, 2001 5:50 am

I remember working on an air ambulance a few years ago and we had to take a patient to Ostende and I saw an Ethiopian 767 on the ground.I know that there are a few other airlines flying freight routes out of Ostende.EI133
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RE: Brussels-Africa FREIGHT-only Services

Sun Jan 14, 2001 6:45 am

Now now, UPS pilot,
I admit, it takes some time to get used to the African aviation culture, but things are not everywhere as bad as in Lagos or Niamey...
Nairobi is actually quite good in their operations, as is Entebbe and Dakar.
I would advice to keep a close eye for stowaways though during the walkaround...

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