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ANA Incident Today

Tue Jan 16, 2001 9:06 am

Bomb Scare Turns Round Quayle Flight

Jan 15, 2001

A flight carrying former Vice President Dan Quayle turned around 90 minutes after takeoff yesterday morning while suspicious packages intended for the flight were inspected, airport officials said.

The baggage contained metal cylinders which were found to not be a threat.

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight left San Francisco International Airport for Narita Airport, Tokyo.

Two passengers on the flight had checked three boxes that were not put on the plane. About 90 minutes into the flight, airline officials decided to call the flight back while the boxes were examined for possible explosives.

The two passengers who checked the boxes were questioned, and officials determined the metal cylinders were empty.

The plane was refueled and left the airport again about 4.00 p.m.

Quayle was headed to Japan on business, his wife Marilyn told KPHO-TV in Phoenix.

Well at least it wasnt a bomb. It shows something about ANA's service!
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RE: ANA Incident Today

Tue Jan 16, 2001 10:18 am

That really has to suck. Dan Quayle's brother lives a block away from me, so sometimes I see Dan and I will ask him about it when i see him.