New Kid On The Block.

Mon Apr 12, 1999 11:56 pm

Good afternoon, I am fairly new here to the forum so I figured I would introduce myself. It sort of seemed like the thing to do. My name is Justin Aufmann and I am 21. I am an aspiring pilot and am in the process of selecting a flight school to attend. I am very interested in computer science as well. I want that to be my major and have flying be second. I have applied to a couple schools already and have been accepted. I just have to visit and make my decision. I have just recently started going for my private certificate up here. I am about to solo I hope this week,

I am pretty much a hockey player by trade. I have played my whole life. I was recruited to school here in Vermont to play hockey. Things really did not work out and I started to look into flying. After two years of Juniors and one year of college I have realized my career needs to end. So that is where i am at. I appreciate all advice and I am very anxious to learn everything I possibly can. I really look forward to chatting. Thank you very much.
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RE: New Kid On The Block.

Mon Apr 12, 1999 11:59 pm

Welcome to the forum Justin. I know you will like it here.
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RE: New Kid On The Block.

Tue Apr 13, 1999 4:03 am

Hi Justin, I'am fairly new too.

I have learnt a great deal on this forum over the past weeks. I'am sure you will learn a lot too.

See ya.......

RE: New Kid On The Block.

Tue Apr 13, 1999 7:02 am

Welcome man!

I'm 15 and I'm new too, I have only been here for a week!

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RE: New Kid On The Block.

Tue Apr 13, 1999 11:24 am

A hearty welcome to all three of you. I hope you stick around.

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