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History Channel - Commercial Jets Documentary

Wed Jan 17, 2001 1:09 am

For those who get the History Channel on cable or satellite tonight (Tuesday, January 16th) there is a documentary on Commercial Jets. It's on at 10:00pm EST. There is a followup on Wednesday, January 17th at 2:00am.

Has anybody seen this before? From the program description it sounds pretty good:

Fasten your seatbelts as we take off on a flight through the history of commercial aviation--from the first jet passenger plane, the De Havilland Comet, to today's wide-body jets and supersonic Concorde. It's a story of high-tech worldwide competition among a field of high-stakes players. Billion-dollar deals ride on cutting-edge designs. Pilots train for hours in ground-based simulators, while computers fly the planes. We also catch a glimpse of the double-decker flying hotels of the future.

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RE: History Channel - Commercial Jets Documentary

Wed Jan 17, 2001 7:17 am

just checked my TV schedule..it is on at 10Pm PST also here on the west coast..Looking for a blank cassette!!!