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Frontloading 747F Is Overrated

Wed Jan 17, 2001 2:20 am

While the hinged nose section of the 747 is impressive and certainly makes loading certain (very long) loads easier, there is a height restriction cos the upper deck / cockpit hangs down lower than the main deck ceiling further back, so to make the most of the vertical space available, the rear (side) door must be used for high loads. Only about half of all 747Fs have the swinging nose anyway.

So the point of my first posting here for absolutely ages is that the A380 won't lose out by not having that feature, as the same loads will go just as easily through the side. An internal lift, though, would be a different matter...
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RE: Frontloading 747F Is Overrated

Wed Jan 17, 2001 2:28 am

I might be wrong on this, but:
I thought I read somewhere the A380 has two decks, even in Freighter configuration. Won't that mean it has a lower maximum container height than the B744F? How are they going to load stuff into the upper deck?

Also, are the other half of those B747 freighters you mention (the ones without the cool swinging nose) those converted from ex-passenger aircraft? Isn't it unfair to compare newly built A3XX's with old converted B747s?

Instead, try to compare it objectively and factually with newly-built B744F. I do not have much data about the planes, but I would really be interested in a (less vague) comparison between the two freighters....

Thanks for any replies