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A Sad Aviation Story....

Wed Jan 17, 2001 10:40 am

An older man who was depressed regarding his Luekemia (Cancer) and taking chemo-therapy and anti depressants was about to lose his pilot's license (from the fAA due to all the medications he was taking) crashed his small plane near CapeCod Massachusetts USA after his wife pleaded with him to not fly (there was a storm here yesterday)

Mark Garfinkel
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RE: A Sad Aviation Story....

Wed Jan 17, 2001 9:57 pm

Tragic, may he rest in peace-Ameen.
.....up there with the best!

RE: A Sad Aviation Story....

Thu Jan 18, 2001 2:50 pm

At least he died doing what he loved.
Condolances to his family.


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