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Sorry AA, Legend Rises Again

Wed Jan 17, 2001 12:27 pm


A US Bankruptcy Court today approved a $20 million injection from a group of investors. Legend hoped to be back with scheduled services by mid January, but looks like it will be a few weeks longer. Gone are DAL-LAX, DAL-LAS, both which were unprofitable. In is DAL-SJC, later in spring. Here's hoping that this time they make it. What do you think they have to do different in order to make a go of it this time?

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We At Dulles Are Not Keeping The Light On For LC.

Wed Jan 17, 2001 12:34 pm

I give them about six months before Jeffrey Chodorow picks them up cheap at a rummage sale. But if they hurry, their old gate at IAD won't be leased out...