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Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 12:51 pm

Does anybody know of any airlines that offer summer internships to college students? Any advice on how to apply would also be helpful. If anyone can help, much thanks.
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RE: Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 1:03 pm

I doubt an undergrad student in his first or second year can land a internship. Many are arranged after third year (through university if they offer co-op or through career centre within university). You should also be aware you'll probably need to be a business major (business admin.).
USAir had one- it's on their website. It's for graduating MBA's, which probably rules many candidates. Check out their site
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RE: Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 2:02 pm

UAL has one - but its difficult to get into. You get to sit jump seat and ride in some GREAT NEW sims.
*Wish I had more info. sorry - but they do exist.

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RE: Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 2:10 pm

US A333 PIT, If you don't mind air frame manufacture, Boeing will be good too. Since they are looking for a lot of summer intern this year. I think most of them are engineering related, though. I don't know what kind of job you are looking for, but I believe you might have better chance at Boeing than airlners. So check it out at Boeing web site.

Best luck in finding intership!

RE: Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 2:55 pm

Look at Continentals website they have a program with Embery Riddle University for JR. and Sr. students
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RE: Airline Internships

Thu Jan 18, 2001 3:02 pm

I have friends that have interned with AA, Airbus, ACA, Kiwi (when they were contenders) and UA. They did them in either their 3rd or 4th year of school and were arranged through the dean of our school. All of them had great experiences, none were offered employment after their internships except for the Kiwi and ACA guys.
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RE: Airline Internships

Sun Jan 21, 2001 4:43 pm

If you're an aviation student, Delta offers an awesome flight operations internship. I'm currently participating in it, as an employee in Pilot Standards at the Atlanta World Headquarters. We get unlimited jumpseat privileges, preferred hiring at ACA/Comair, and the chance to meet a lot of great people. In the 2 weeks that I have been in my internships, I have done the following travel:

RouteAircraftCabinPurpose of Trip
SAN-ATL767-300CoachFlight to ATL to start work
ATL-EGE (Vail, CO)-ATL757Flight Deck jumpseatSpecial airport observation
ATL-SAN757JumpseatLeisure travel
LAX-HNL-OGG (Maui, HI)-LAX767-400JumpseatTrans-oceanic operation and special airport observation
LAX-ATL767-400First ClassReturn to work after Hawaiian trip
ATL-CVG767-300First ClassTrip to attend a CRJ class at Comair
CVG-SAN737-800Coach/JumpseatLeisure travel
SAN-CVG767-300BusinessElite/JumpseatReturn to work (Tommorrow)
CVG-ATLMD-88First Class/JumpseatReturn to work (Tommorrow)

The special airport observations relate to my work, which is to involve developing training for pilots to become qualified to fly into the special airports. Vail and Maui both require special qualification due to mountainous terrain.

There are currently 16 flight ops interns at Delta, working in various departments. If you're a pilot, and you are looking for an internship, this one is outstanding.