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Fri Jan 19, 2001 9:08 am

Do the MAJORS really care where you got your degree from. and if so which college would be the best of the best.
P.S Does anyone know about METRO STATE COLLEGE OF DENVER.
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RE: Quick Question

Fri Jan 19, 2001 10:23 am

Last I knew, no they didn't care what the degree was in or where it was from. Just that it was 4-yr degree. Indication of initiative, perserverence, and ability to learn....even if you'll not use anything from that degree in your job. The airline will teach you how they want you to fly their airplanes. You need to show them you've got what it takes to stick it out through their "school."  Big grin
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RE: Quick Question

Fri Jan 19, 2001 10:34 am

Thanks a lot it's pritty hard to get anyone to respond to college questions.