Lufthansa & Condor

Wed Apr 14, 1999 1:07 am

Why is Lufthansa Buying Airbus jets for its fleet and moving toward an all Airbus fleet(except the 744) and buying Boeing jets along with some Airbus jets for its subsidiary Condor?

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RE: Lufthansa & Condor

Wed Apr 14, 1999 1:51 am

It's not clear to me that Lufthansa is moving to an all Airbus fleet. They have about half the fleet Airbus and the other half Boeing with many many 733's and 735's and ofcourse 747's.

Condor is more a Boeing fleet airline with only 6 Airbus aircrafts and 3 DC-10's.

Also I don't think that Lufthansa decides wich type of aircraft should Condor buy. That depends on the type of routes performed by Condor.

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RE: Lufthansa & Condor

Wed Apr 14, 1999 3:08 pm

Hi Guys,

Condor is a subsidiary of the LUFTHANSA Group. Lufthansa is not turning into a Airbus Fleet Airline. It´s a only a question which plane fits to the requirements Lufthansa have. Lufthansa CityLine uses also RJ85 and Canadair Jets for short european destinations.

Condor uses Boeings and give there DC-10 all away, only one is left for now. They are launch customer for the streched 757.

Condor is free in their decisions, but they go with the Group of course. Thinking about maintenance and stuff.

See ya


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RE: Lufthansa & Condor

Wed Apr 14, 1999 8:48 pm

Most of Lufthansa's B737s will be replaced by Airbuses correct? That leaves just the B747.
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RE: Lufthansa & Condor

Thu Apr 15, 1999 1:50 am

Maybe, but remember that they're probably acquiring the newre 767's coming out.

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