Space Shuttle Launch

Wed Apr 14, 1999 6:56 am

I'm thinking of going to see the next Space Shuttle launch on my Vacation, which is on May 20th. I would appreciate any information from any of you who have ever done that. I can use my Air Canada/United passes to get down to Orlando from Winnipeg so that's not a problem. Is there a bus out there or should I rent a car?

If anyone reads this after April 20th, please email me.

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RE: Space Shuttle Launch

Wed Apr 14, 1999 7:12 am

I would rent a car just beacsue it is Florida. Also I suggest staying probably in Orlando, so you will miss the beach traffic. Nasa is a nice complex under tight security so dont try anything. Also, Orlando is Delta Heaven so i'd watch my luggage if I were you. :) lol

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RE: Space Shuttle Launch

Wed Apr 14, 1999 9:09 am

Kennedy Space Center is acutally next to Titusville. There are a lot of aviation museums in this area, that I will probably never get down there to see. It would be a shame to miss them. One of my old girlfriends was from down there. Unfortunatly I have no desire to run into her so I figure I am better off avoiding central Florida alltogether.

I hear Kermit Weeks setup is excellent.

RE: Space Shuttle Launch

Wed Apr 14, 1999 10:07 pm

I was there and saw nthe lunch of John Glenn´s shuttle.
I was pretty cool WHAT A SOUND!
I was on o motel a couple of kilometers away and I saw the start ramps.
I think you should rent a car so you can go were you want.

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RE: Space Shuttle Launch

Thu Apr 15, 1999 4:53 am

First of all, you should rent a car from Orlando. When there, I prefer to stay at one of the Disney resorts, because all the hotels are close to I-4, which brings you to Titusville (I think), it also gives you easy access to a bunch of different things, even for adults. Yes, I do know that MCO is virtually Delta, but you should have no problem with Air Canada. Depending on the time of the launch, I would get there as soon as the space center opens to be able to have a really good view of the launch. If it is mid-afternoon/early evening, I would get there no later than 8:00AM EST. However, if it is a morning launch, there is plenty to do there, and on the grounds, i think they have an aviation museum. If you have any questions, please email me (

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