How To Contact With Kiwi Air?

Wed Apr 14, 1999 10:41 pm

I need to contact with kiwi airlines.

I bought two tickets to fly on January the 1st from Newark to Flint(Michigan) and our flight was canceled because of weather (remember lasts xmas big snow storm that collapsed O'hare?). In fact Flint's bishop airport was open but the flight was Newark-Flint-Chicago so I guess they cancelled it because some passangers could not make it to Chicago.

I asked for a refund (I paid with VISA three days before I was supposed to fly) and so far they have charged my VISA with the tickets but I haven´t received my refund.

I know Kiwi is in trouble, they used to have a web site at but it is no longer operative. I fear the worst (I might have lost my money) but I want to try to get my refund.

My problem is that I live in Spain so I have no chance now to go to the states to a Kiwi office (if there is any still open).

Does anybody know what rights I have? What do you guys advice me to do?

Any suggestions are welcome!