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Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 7:28 am

I thought that Horizon Air was based in the USA but from the below link, the DH8-Q400 has a Canadian Marking?

So, is QX American or Canadian?


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RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 7:49 am


Horizon is based in the US. The Q400 that you saw has Canadian manufacturers registration on it. When it is delivered to Horizon it will be given an "N" number.

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RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 7:53 am

One visit to Seattle will tell you that Horizon is based there. Never again will I fly them, just a thing of mine. Their little DHC-8s and F-28s are parading in and out all day long.
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RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 7:55 am

Horizon is an American airline part of the Alaska Air Group with Operations headquartered at Portland, Oregon (PDX). Horizon has just taken delivery of its first Dash8-400 which is likely the one shown in the photo with a C- registration. Why it has Canadian registration? I don't know, maybe it is temporary, for use during testing and delivery.

There is also a Horizon Air in Australia which has nothing to do with the American airline.



Wed Jan 24, 2001 8:05 am

Poc. Is getting Test Runs of the -400 now I havent had time to run down there and see... They are also getting thier CRJ here in the next few months.

RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 8:26 am

Horizon is very much American, based here in SEA under the Alaska Air Group. Wasn't aware that they were getting some -400s, though.... interesting. I have never flown them (never needed to), but I might try them out, assuming they are as good as their parent airline, Alaska.
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RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 2:00 pm

Horizon Air (full name is Horizon Air Industries Inc.) operates more than 500 flights a day. They connect cities in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon California, as well as British Columbia and Alberta to their hubs in Seattle, Portland, and Boise. Horizon eliminated much of their "point-to-point" service in the mid-90s in favor of a the present tri-hub system.

Horizon's service is pretty much tops among regional airlines. They operate Dash-8s and F-28 4000s. The 70 seat CRJs and Q-400s will come online this year (first Q-400 has arrived, but won't be in service for a while, due to pilot training problems). Horizon aircraft are all equipped with leather seats. The new Q-400s will have a 33 inch seat pitch...most generous for a turboprop. Horizon offers complimentary Pacific Northwest wines and microbrews in-flight. They offer coffee and complimentary newspapers in their hub city's boarding areas.


RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 2:22 pm

Aw, now I am all excited. You don't see -400s or CRJs in SEA at all. Its good QXE is expanding- won't hurt them. I might have to find an excuse to fly them later this year... any destination suggestions?  Smile
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RE: Horizon Air

Wed Jan 24, 2001 3:27 pm

You could come to Spokane and I'll give you a ride in my seaplane....or you could go to Wenatchee and see the holes I made in the runway when I was learning to fly....or you could just drive to BFI and see the holes in the runway from the last time I landed a 727 there...or