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What Is The Standard Rate Of Ascent/edescent?

Wed Jan 24, 2001 9:20 am

This question may be aimed more toward the pilots in the group.

I was wondering what the standard rate of ascent and descent is on commercial aircraft. Sometimes it seems quite steep, other times moderate. Just wondering for every 1,000 feet how many feet we go down. So hard to gauge in the air with no frame of reference.

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RE: What Is The Standard Rate Of Ascent/edescent?

Wed Jan 24, 2001 3:24 pm

Ofcourse there are a lot of factors affecting those parameters. As far as climb is concerned it all varies with the weight of the airplane and the atmospheric conditions as well as the altitude. On the 737 you're looking at round 2000fpm (feet per minute) after take off, decreasing to around a 1000fpm in the 20s, and even less as you get in the 30s. The L1011 I was flying before was even less!
As far as decend, the average rate of decend if there is no need to go down faster is around 2,500fpm, decreasing to about 1,500fpm once you're below 10,000 feet and limited to 250 knots. Ofcourse all these can change with spoilers/spedbrakes and different decend requirements imposed by ATC.
Hope this answers your question.