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Strange Use For Airplane Food!

Wed Jan 24, 2001 4:29 pm

For some strange reason, a funny and light-hearted flying story has come to mind and I wanted to share it with you and seek similar goofy stories.

On a flight from MSP to DIA, (I won’t mention which airline it was cuz I happen to love this airline, but it was from MSP, if you get the drift.) Anyway, it was on a 757 and I was in the back section near the galley (where I like to be seated on a 75.) Well I was getting rather tired and was looking to get a nap. So happens that all 3 seats were empty (thus my fondness of the rear of the 75) So I stretched out and tried to sleep, however there was no pillow available. Never fear, my common sense took over and I used the bagel breakfast sandwich (still in the bag) as a pillow! Honestly, as goofy as it sounds, it worked out quite nicely. It was firm enough to cushion my head from the hard arm rest, yet soft enough to allow me to get some shut eye at altitude!

Well, I just had to tell that one! I love the story, and most of my friends see no humor, however you other airline junkies will appreciate it!

Happy Travels!!!


Ps, I have no pride and ate the darn thing upon arrival!!!
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RE: Strange Use For Airplane Food!

Wed Jan 24, 2001 7:01 pm

Not exactly the same, but I am dying to share this bizarre story.
A couple of years ago I was flying with family from London Heathrow to Ercan (North Cyprus), with a compulsary stop in Istanbul, flying with Istanbul Airines. Cannot remember the type of plane, it was before I became interested.
The flight from Heathrow to Istanbul was relatively uneventful but when we got to Istanbul the fun really started.
Those leaving the flight at this stage, I'd say about twenty or thirty alighted and the new passengers came on. None of these passengers had a specific seat, so they were still arguing as the plane taxied towards take off position, as I don't speak any Turkish I cannot be sure it was argument but the tone suggested it was.
But that was not the end of the story, when everyone had been seated it was realised that they were one passenger overbooked. We then stopped for ages while new passengers paperwork was checked, but in the end rather than throwing someone off, the extra passenger was told to go and sit in a spare seat in the cockpit, behind the pilots.
I suppose it beats being told to sit in the bathroom !

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