Structres Of Heavy Jets

Thu Apr 15, 1999 10:25 am

There is one thing amazes me most about heavy jets-the structure.

And i point to the wing-fuslage joingings. How can such heavy wings join to the fuslage? Is there a possibiltiy of the wings
coming off? How does the wings join to the fuslarge.

And how many G's can a heavy jet like the 747-400 can withstand?

Lastly, the engine pylons-I know there are pins which secure the engines so they can't come off but how can a series of pins
'push' a 390 ton 747-400?

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RE: Structres Of Heavy Jets

Thu Apr 15, 1999 12:14 pm

I don't know about the 747 but there are only four pins holding on the main wing of a 727 to the fuselage. Generaly the point where the fuselage and the wing are connected are the firmest points on the structure.
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RE: Structres Of Heavy Jets

Thu Apr 15, 1999 4:43 pm

Don't forget that the wings are the CARRYING part of the plane. They won't fall off. They're the parts lifting the whole thing!!! The fuselage is laying on top of the wings. Don't worry about those pins. You can make those as stong as you want them to be.