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Thu Jan 25, 2001 4:47 pm

On my recent trip I noticed a lot of flight crewmembers of all different ranks. THey're all wearing what seems like the same color navy-blue suit, white shirt & tie for the guys....stripes.... even the same color jackets/coats. Unless of course you fly for SWA, then I guess you could show up in flip-flops and jeans!

Where exactly did this "uniform" originate? What do the stripes mean? (do different ranks get more or less stripes)? Does each individual airline specify a uniform - they all seem to be the same.

And how about in other countries? I have never been overseas. Is it the same?

All the pilots, First officers, Flight Engineers that I've seen look extremely professional. As a pilot, when you walk through the airport does it give you a sense of pride in your profession?
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RE: Uniforms

Thu Jan 25, 2001 6:14 pm

The more stripes you have, the higher your rank is, isn't that obvious? Every carrier of designs their own uniform, with varying results. I work in one myself, and I think the uniform is one of the most important "image makers" an airline has. Do they want people to think of them as a very competent airline, or relaxed, or modern or what? This all influences the design of the uniform. I just hope that when my airline gets new uniforms (in about a year) they drop the white shirt, 'cause it's really not practical (it gets dirty, you see), but I guess that may be too much to hope for. We all have stripes (one to four), and I hope we get to keep them because it does seem to have a nice psychological effect (and I think it looks good to).
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RE: Uniforms

Thu Jan 25, 2001 6:26 pm

At AirNZ they donot have Strips on their Uniform.

Instead the Purser wears a different Uniform.... A different Jackat usually. It consits of Gold Strips on the Jacket instead of the plain Tuqoise the other FA's wear.

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RE: Uniforms

Thu Jan 25, 2001 7:12 pm

I think he meant Flight Crew, not cabin crew, Airnewzealand. From memory, they do have stripes...

I have to say, seeing a well dressed flight crew gives you confidence. I mean, if there is someone above everyone you want to be professional, it is those who keep us safe in the skies...
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