Air Ambar What Is That?

Thu Apr 15, 1999 6:17 pm

Dear friends i'd like to know something about Air Ambar??? I know that they have/had an A310 but nothing else, where they fly, what is the look etc? Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: Air Ambar What Is That?

Sun Apr 18, 1999 9:19 pm

They operated A.310 HI-659 (later HI-659CA) c/n 594 in Aerocancun livery with Air Ambar titles for charter flights from Germany (maybe other s well) to the Caribbean closing the gap the disappearance of Birgenair had caused to this market. But media made people afraid of '3rd-class carriers' so they didnt survived very long. Saw it in HAM 04/04/96