Delta Pulling Out Of Slc?

Fri Apr 16, 1999 3:45 am

Is this true? Is Delta really pulling out of SLC for somesplace in so'ca'l? Maybe they should try Reno since American is going to abandon it for SJC.

I Doubt It!

Fri Apr 16, 1999 4:19 am

Delta wouldn't pull out of SLC, they support Delta too much there. SLC is a major hub for Delta, being one of its largest hubs in the Intermountai West. Besides, Salt Lake donates money to Delt every year for their services, and even named their Delta Center after them. Which also Delta contributed to build the Delta Center. Delta is too important in SLC to leave. I don't think they'll leave.
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RE: I Doubt It!

Fri Apr 16, 1999 4:43 am

I don't think this speculation is true either. Delat has a very strong network through SLC and the olympics are coming. Plus, a totally new larger airport is going to be built soon to accomodate increased traffic and international flights.

RE: It Aint Going To Happen!

Fri Apr 16, 1999 6:19 am

First of all, I want to know what NYC Intl was thinking when he put this up. Delta has naming rights at the the Delta Center (NBAs Jazz), the Olympics are coming and they are getting a new terminal. All of this equals one IMPORTANT thing in todays business world, Money. With this money, Delta could go out and buy more 737-800s, 777-200s and possibly a few 747-400s, but most definetly to replace the 727s they are getting rid of. I think with this money, they will get more 738s, which are already replacing the 727s.


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RE: Delta Pulling Out Of Slc?

Fri Apr 16, 1999 6:40 am

I don't think so. Shame on whoever started this crazy tumor.

RE: Delta Pulling Out Of Slc?

Fri Apr 16, 1999 7:49 am

Maybe you are talking about Skywest airlines, the previous Delta Connection? Skywest is now with United airlines as UA Express.

RE: Delta Pulling Out Of Slc?

Fri Apr 16, 1999 8:46 am

I do no believe DL is pulling out of Salt Lake. Comair might replace Skywest as the regional carrier in SLC.
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RE: Let's Get Some Things

Fri Apr 16, 1999 9:20 am

Let's get some things straight. Both Delta and SkyWest
operate out of SLC and I started the rumor based on what
I have heard from some people that work for both companies.
Delta after the olympics will either move to Las Vegas or Ontario.
SkyWest MIGHT be going to Denver if UAL codeshare stakes go
up in SkyWest. But I have heard two weeks ago that SkyWest
and Delta's connection might not stop. SkyWest CEO is trying
hard to keep Delta. We will see at that one.

One more comment for those of you think that this a rumor
look at the profits for Delta operating out of SLC! There nothing!

RE: Delta Pulling Out Of Slc?

Sat Apr 17, 1999 12:48 pm

Heres some news for you all

Delta has made it clear that SLC will be shrunk. They want more long haul routes. SkyWest has commited its first 5 RJS of our new order to SLC. As soon as that happens, you will see other cities dropped, and picked up by us. I dont think SLC will be dropped, but count on it being shrunk.