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Our Airport? (PIH)

Fri Apr 16, 1999 5:13 am

I have a question, as strange as it might seem, but why couldn't Pocatello have airliners, or even parcel freights? I know, our town is small, only 52,000 people, but we have a lot of FedEx and UPS activities going on here. And when I visit the airport, about 10-20 FedEx and UPS planes go out every day. Our airport is large enough to handle jets, and it would make less trips with a large jet parcel freight flying in instead of little twin props. So why couldn't they fly in jets to our airport? It's alredy an alternate for SLC. I'd love to see Boeing planes fly over our town every day!
In case you've never seen PIH, our airport is C class airspace. Two runways, 1 ILS, Tower freq. 119.1, Ground 121.9. AND a cargo ramp.
Located at N 42 54.68' W 112 35.75'