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Fri Apr 16, 1999 9:50 am

Hi :

I want to travel from YUL to BOONE city in North Carolina. Could you please let me know which airline that has the service and which airport I have to fly to (BOONE does not have any airport).

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RE: Best Route

Fri Apr 16, 1999 11:57 am

I just looked in my atlas and Boone is in the middle of nothing. Should be an interesting experience coming from Montreal. The closest city seems to be Charlotte. There are no nonstop flights between YUL and Charlotte, but you can connect through Toronto on Air Canada. Hope that helps!


Fri Apr 16, 1999 4:53 pm

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RE: Best Route

Sat Apr 17, 1999 12:23 am


I don't think any airline goes straight to Charlotte from YUL. My suggestion is that you fly US Airways to Charlotte. It's one of there major hubs. You would either have to connect through PHL or PIT first. Hope this helps!

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Sat Apr 17, 1999 1:59 am

Don't stop in Charlotte!

Tri-City Airport, Tennessee is FOUR times closer to Boone than Charlotte! It's served by jet service by UAL (from ORD), USAirways (from PIT and CLT), and Delta (from CVG and ATL). The code for Tri-City is TRI.