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AN 70 Incident

Mon Jan 29, 2001 8:18 pm

Hi folks,

unfortunatelly (or fortunastely?) such thing happens while they try to market the bird!

29 Jan 2001] Four people were hurt when a prototype An-70 military transport aircraft crash landed on a
snow drift shortly after takeoff from Omsk in Western Siberia.

Only the skill of the pilot, who managed to guide the huge craft onto a snow laden field Saturday, averted a
catastrophe after two of the plane`s four engines failed, news reports said.

The An-70, which was carrying 33 passengers, came to a halt just a few hundred meters from a major
highway, Itar-Tass said.

Fortunately, the plane avoided concrete pillars supporting the airport perimeter fence that could have
ruptured its fuel tanks and ignited 38 tons of fuel on board.