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Munichs New Star Alliance Terminal 2

Tue Jan 30, 2001 12:20 am

Some of you asked me about more facts and pictures of the new Terminal so i got more Information from the airports homepage:

Annual passenger capacity: 20 million (that makes more than 40mio. for the whole Airport)
Minimum connecting time: 30 minutes
Height of terminal building: 30 m
Length of pier: 980 m

Gross floor space: 260,000 m²
Main Hall: 15,000 m²
Waiting areas: 28,500 m²
Lounge area: 3,000 m²
Shops: 10,000 m²
Restaurants: 8,000 m²

Check-in facilities:
Total: 120
Curbside check-in: 10

Number: 114

Aircraft park positions:
Total: 77
At terminal: 28
Equipped with finger: 24
Positions for short-haul aircraft: 4
Positions on apron: 49

Baggage conveyors:
Number: 7
Overall length: 520 m
Security checkpoints: 25
Passport control desks: 54
Ticket desks: 25
Transfer desks: 30

Costs in DM:
Including infrastructure development: approx. 2.5 billion

Pictures are available at:
www.munich-airport.de/english in the "Airport-The Enterprise" section.
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RE: Munichs New Star Alliance Terminal 2

Wed Jan 31, 2001 1:40 pm

Will the new SIA flight SIN-MUC-ORD be parking in Terminal 2?
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RE: Munichs New Star Alliance Terminal 2

Wed Jan 31, 2001 5:55 pm


As far as i know, the SQ flight is not yet confirmed and is unlikely to be so!

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RE: Munichs New Star Alliance Terminal 2

Thu Feb 01, 2001 8:04 am

the SQ will not arrive at and depart from T2 because in summer i won´t be ready.
it´s true that evidence on the new SQ flight to muc continuing to ORD can´t be found on SQ´s website or it´s hard to find it on the web at all, but i read about in the aero international magazine, a reliable german aviation magazine.
we´ll see.
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