KaiTak Stats.

Tue Jan 30, 2001 12:21 pm

Mnmmmm, Hi guuys!

lets see if there are any Kai TAK lovers around> I am working on a project about Kai TAK's history, Geographical statistics and mpre about its influence in Aviation (some like advantages and disavantages). Please provide me with information of the above, or sources where it came from, Thanks a million!!

Ah, also....I hope I can put up some comments and feelings of KaiTAk from Aviation Enthuaists....Looks like you guys are the best!!!...The posts from anyone, especially Pilots who have landed in KaiTak are the most welcomed!!
CHeers, Skybutt

RE: KaiTak Stats.

Tue Jan 30, 2001 11:09 pm

Thanks CXCPA, that was great.!

RE: KaiTak Stats.

Wed Jan 31, 2001 5:34 pm

Oh comeon....i know theres a lot of KaiTak lovers here!!
I really need the info........please~~

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