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RE: 13 hours doing nothing, Iainhol

Sun Nov 22, 1998 6:15 am

Why do you insist in making transatlantic flights?

The big airlines are doing that already and you can not go head to head with the big ones.

As most of us post to you, you must find niche markets's, for example, instead of using one 767 in that route you want, use 3 or 4 small jets (ex:EMB145) doing regional flights were they are NEEDED. As your airline growth up, you may introduce new routes and new planes.

It seems to me that you want to "fly high" very soon but you must wait, have some patience. Remember that a big climb can led to a big fall.

I don't want to be the pessimist one, but you must think in all factors before start with such an important project.

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RE: 13 hours doing nothing, Iainhol

Sun Nov 22, 1998 8:21 am

For any businessperson interested in founding an airline, my advice would be to go into the charter or cargo market. The airline that I used to work for, Tradewinds, made a *killing* of a profit with a single cargo-equipped L-1011. They recently expanded into the passenger charter market, also with L-1011s, and are seeing equally high profits in that area--so much so that they were able to acquire 3 (!) used L-1011s in the space of six months.
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RE: 13 hours doing nothing, Iainhol

Sun Nov 22, 1998 11:31 am

I am working very hard with Iainhol to form a good route structure. I am planning a regional reoute structure in europe and then 1 752 flight a day to GSO, where HAS will have a partnership with Eastwind. The hubs will be Paris and Greensboro. I think that it will work, and HAS will only have 1 757 and a few RJs.