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Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 4:31 am

From today's New Zealand Herald. What do you think? Personally, I don't think there's a whole lot of names they can choose from!
Perhaps Godzone Airlines, eh mate?

31.01.2001 By DANIEL RIORDAN
Air New Zealand may get a new name.

The idea is one of many sweeping changes Australian chief executive Gary Toomey is considering as he restructures the group created in June when Air NZ bought the half of Ansett Australia it did not already own.

Mr Toomey, who took over the reins this month, was unavailable yesterday but Air NZ spokesman David Beatson said the new boss saw the need for an umbrella brand.

"But he's not going to risk damaging the value of either of the two strong existing brands until he is convinced there's something better around the corner."

Mr Beatson said the group's plethora of sub-brands such as Air Nelson, Jetset Travel and Mount Cook confused customers.

Air NZ became one of the world's top-20 airlines last June when it bought Ansett. Air NZ flies 38 aircraft and Ansett has 61.

Mr Toomey told Australian media at the weekend that the company urgently needed a direction and strategy because it was losing support from corporate customers and its own staff.

Plans to fix the problem included enhancing in-flight services and adding domestic capacity as the airline upgraded its fleet.

New routes for Ansett International - 49 per cent owned by Air NZ - will include the US, Tokyo and possibly London.

The group will seek alliances with its 25 per cent shareholder, Singapore Airlines, in areas such as in-flight entertainment, seating, service, lounges and loyalty schemes.

Mr Toomey said he wanted the Ansett and Air NZ brands to be closely aligned with Singapore Airlines.

* Tell us what you think of Air NZ chief executive Gary Toomey's plan to rebrand the airline group's businesses.

And do you have any suggestions to rename the national carrier? E-mail your suggestions to:
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 5:01 am

quite interesting, hmmm.
personally i don´t think they´d soon change air new zealand to something else, it´s still NZ´s flag carrier and i think any change must reflect that.
i just hope they get some good things goin at ansett and turn it into a real competitor to qantas on international routes.
except for the rebranding of the main line issue, i hope toomey gets along with all of this.

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 6:02 am

Not very convincing article, as far as I know there is nothing to say that Air New Zealand will change its name, but here's some suggestions....
New Zealand International Airways
Silver Fern Airways
Pacific Wave Air
Air Aotearoa (mmm. maybe not)

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 7:03 am

So the rumor my sister told me was right!! Told yas di9dn't i that AirNZ was cnsidering changing it's name.

Lets just hope not!!!!!!

AirNZ is world known for it's name and Livery. So is Ansett. They should stay under the same names and not change.

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 7:10 am

Having experienced first hand the merger of 2 airlines, in my opinion the group will not begin to work effectivly as one until it has one name. Even if this does happen there will be people on both sides who will continue to resist change probably because they are afraid of it. It will take many years before the us and them attitude begins to dissipate.

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 9:56 am


Airsett Zealand


This is silly.

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 10:02 am

Is this a confirmation of Ansett International expantion? It seems to me that the US is the primary. BUT isn't AN's financial situation a little on the under side???

Kindest Regards,
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 10:16 am

Air New Zealand is a fine name I think. No doubt they will ruin it if they decide to change. Why not just consolidate all of the feeder carriers and keep the Ansett name, having the two carriers operate very very closely, like NW/KLM?

Aaron G.

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 10:23 am

Let's just call it ANZ. You keep both the AN and NZ carrier codes. Air New Zealand gets to keep some semblence of the original name since many people already call it ANZ already.

It would have worked as Ansett New Zealand but that name is already taken, sort of. And I realize that there is a bank called ANZ. Maybe it is confusing.

Australia New Zealand Airlines
Australasia Airlines

Or even better,

Mount Nelson's Didgeridoo

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 10:29 am

Since Air New Zealand bought Ansett, call it Air New Zealand. Hell, AA bought TWA, you don't see them calling it TWAA or something.

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 11:25 am

Call Ansett - Air New Zealand? I don't think so. It is not as simple as an American airline buying an American airline. It is a Kiwi airline buying an Australian airline.

Welcome aboard the Air New Zealand red-eye flight from Perth to Sydney.....just doesn't have the sound that I like to it, and I am sure a lot of Aussie's would not care for Ansett being renamed Air New Zealand.

If it was to happen, heaven forbid, I would switch to QF straight away. You can't just throw out over 50 years of history out the door.

However, I have never objected to a Kiwi-ised name for Ansett......

How about Ensutt??
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 11:37 am

KonaB777 - Given AN's domestic services provide 50% of the AN/NZ group revenues it is essential that any name does not alienate these Australian pax. Calling a domesic Australian airline Air New Zealand is hardly going to be a popular move.

In the short term, it may be that both airlines keeps their current names but the group is renamed from Air New Zealand Limited and the plethora of sub-brands are consolidated. For example, for quite a while it has been rumored that the current Ansett regional operators, Kendall, Aeropelican and Skywest (and maybe Hazelton one day??) will be simply rebranded as Ansett Regional.

I have often thought of potential names for the combined group but have always ended up with names that sounded too Australian such as Australasian or too kiwi Aetaeroa. The only potential I have ever thought which came close was Tasman (after the Tasman Sea) but it sounds like an airlione from Tasmania.
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 2:38 pm

I think the best solution would be to call the over all company Australasian Airlines, or something like that (Australasia is the Australia New Zealand region). I would suggest ANZ Airlines, but the name ANZ is taken by a major bank, so I don't think that would happen.

However, despite the company being called that, the airline should use both brands - Air New Zealand for all flights out of New Zealand, and NZ domestics. Ansett for all flights out of Australia, and Australia domestic. Whatever, I hope we don't loose the marvellous Air New Zealand livery!
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Wed Jan 31, 2001 11:47 pm

It would be ridiculous for Air New Zealand to switch names - it has such a strong branding, and internationally is well known. Who will associate something else with New Zealand, especially as New Zealand has not got anyother international airline with a big profile?

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Thu Feb 01, 2001 12:18 am

heres are my suggestions;
ANZ Airlines
ANZ Airways
ANZ Pacific Smile

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Further News Coverage

Thu Feb 01, 2001 4:20 am

Hear Hear to the article.. my best suggestion is Tasman World. What ya think?

Editorial: Leave airline's name alone


If the various wings of our national airline were still named Tasman Empire Airways and National Airways Corporation, it would be easy to understand the thinking of Gary Toomey. No one laments the passing of those cumbersome titles, even if the merging of the two into Air New Zealand was more controversial.

More than 20 years on, the Air New Zealand name is well established and of good repute - so much so that even in this age of constant title changes, the airline's new Australian chief executive must surely be one of the few to have contemplated amending it.

Mr Toomey reasons that the name no longer reflects the true nature of Air New Zealand, especially since it took full control of Ansett Australia. A new umbrella brand would also remove what the airline says is confusion about its smaller operations, such as Mount Cook Airlines and Air Nelson.

All Mr Toomey is likely to achieve, however, is to add credence to suspicions that Ansett is now pulling Air New Zealand's strings. Certainly, the Ansett brand may need strengthening, particularly after its recent plague of problems. But Mr Toomey's plan to more closely align it and Air New Zealand with 25 per cent shareholder Singapore Airlines will go much of the way to remedying that deficiency.

It would also be unfortunate if the names of Air New Zealand's sub-brands were subsumed. Some provided - and continue to provide - local recognition at a time Air New Zealand was downgrading its provincial routes. The names of others, especially Mount Cook, are rich in history and occupy an important place in the development of tourism.

Air New Zealand may, as Mr Toomey suggests, need an urgent injection of direction and strategy. That does not mean, however, that a memorable and totally appropriate name should be grounded.

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RE: Further News Coverage

Thu Feb 01, 2001 11:42 am

I think VirginFlyer's suggestion is pretty good "Australasian Airlines". Symbolises both NZ and Australia.

Then again, seeing that AirNZ is more than 50% owned by Singapore companies, how about "Singapore Airlines"  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Thu Feb 01, 2001 12:17 pm

More than 50% owned by SQ?

Where do you get those figures from?

Or do you mean indirectly thru Brierley?

Please clarify.
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Thu Feb 01, 2001 2:44 pm

On the lines of VirginFlyer's suggestion, how about 'AUSTRALAIR'?
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Thu Feb 01, 2001 5:49 pm

'Singapore companies' - not 'SQ'...

SQ own 24.99% (B shares) and Brierley (Anafi Investments Ltd) owns 30.32% (A shares).

Although Brierley are registered in the Caymans, they are a Singapore based company.

RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Thu Feb 01, 2001 6:26 pm

Oh well, let's just re-name the whole operation.


1. Sack all the NZ staff.
2. Get rid of their crappy planes.
3. Tell SIA, that the first A380's are going to THEM (AN)
4. Immediately organise replacement a/c.
5. Start an add campaign to fool the kiwi's "I still call New Zealand home.." By dame Smelly.
6. Buy back AN's catering.
7. PTV's for everyone!! (Steal them from SIA if possible.)
8. Win over huge amounts of business with worldwide generic adds.
9. Take over SIA with shit load of cash and fool the Singaporeans with "I still call Singapore Home.."
10. QF relegated to second Australian carrier. Ansett now Australia's flagship.



mb (*tongue in cheek*)


RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Fri Feb 02, 2001 2:22 am

How about ANZETT?
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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Fri Feb 02, 2001 2:33 am

How about:

Kiwi Airlines
Air Kiwi
World's End Air
Air Way-Down-Under
 Big grin

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Corporate Name, Not Air NZ, To Change

Fri Feb 02, 2001 4:33 am

Corporate name, not Air NZ, to change

02.02.2001 By DANIEL RIORDAN
Air New Zealand chief executive Gary Toomey says he is not about to change the national carrier's name - but he would like a new corporate name for the combined Air NZ-Ansett group.

The company is looking at ways of harmonising the 80-odd sub-brands it has on both sides of the Tasman but Mr Toomey, in an exclusive interview with the Business Herald, says the Air NZ moniker is unlikely to go.

"We are looking at branding per se. I don't want to pre-empt what the experts are looking at, but my preferred position is the Air NZ and Ansett brands have tremendous value.

"I look at others who have changed brands and liveries and it hasn't turned out well.

"It's obvious to blind Freddy that the Air NZ brand in this country is extremely powerful. We have a dominant market share here and we want to retain that.

"I'm not proposing we change it to Pacific Airlines or whatever - that's something I've never considered as being very smart at all."

He said that in Australia the company was referred to as the Ansett-Air NZ group; here it was the other way around, and it made sense to come up with a new corporate identity, even if the tail fins of the aircraft stayed the same.

"We want to promote ourselves as the biggest Australasian airline, and we want seamlessness within the group.

"When you're in Australia, you go into the Golden Wing lounge. Here you go into the Koru lounge. Brands like Traveland, Air New Zealand Holidays, Ansett Holidays, Jetset - we're not capturing the value of the significance of the group, and that's what we're talking about."

Since Mr Toomey floated the name change idea, the Herald has received a number of suggestions for a new name.

Most of the e-mails were against the idea, agreeing that it was "not very smart at all." But some were in favour of a change, with the most popular suggestion for a new name being Anzac Airlines.

Anzett was another popular choice, but most of the other ideas favoured a more uniquely New Zealand name.

Some other suggestions: Air Kiwis, Tui Airlines, Sky Pacific, Godzone Airlines or even All Black Airlines.

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RE: Air New Zealand To Get New Name (!?)

Sat Feb 03, 2001 1:25 pm

How about something like 'Southern Cross Airways'? The Southern Cross is something that most people seem to relate to NZ / Australia, and it's not biased more toward either NZ or Australia. Although... it does sound familiar. Was there an airline with a similar name sometime ago?


RE: Corporate Name, Not Air NZ, To Change

Fri Feb 16, 2001 7:40 pm

What about Oceania Air, if they ever did change the name

I would hate to see Ansett's luuuurvli livery leave the skys,

Ansett has also built quite a large name for its self also.

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