Learn To Fly In North America

Wed Jan 31, 2001 5:56 pm

I would like to learn how to fly in the future, may I get some information about the cost, what is needed and where I can apply for the lessons??

I hope I can take the course in North America, any suggestions of where to fly?? I s New York a good place? Or, what about in Ontario?

Thanks to all, Skybutt
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RE: Learn To Fly In North America

Wed Jan 31, 2001 10:47 pm

You could learn almost anywhere in the US, but most of the flight schools which cater to foreigners are in Florida and the Southwest (California, Arizona). The schools locate there because of the excellent weather year round. In New York or Ontario, for instance, your training would take much longer because of the weather.

What you need: You must be 16 to get your private license. You also need a 3rd class medical certificate. Try if you have questions about certain medical conditions. You also must be able to read, speak and understand English.

Cost: about US$ 4,000 for a private license, perhaps even close to $5,000 now.

Where to Apply: the US magazine "Flying" has numerous ads for large flight schools.