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Fuselagenr.SABENA-Caravelle in Air Museum BRUSSELS

Sun Nov 22, 1998 11:08 am

What's the fuselage-number from the Sabena Caravelle in the Belgian Air Museum (Brussels) ?

RE: Fuselagenr.SABENA-Caravelle in Air Museum BRUS

Sun Nov 22, 1998 12:30 pm

I am sendign you the postcard on Monday as the mail had gone today by the time I got your E-mail. I am still looking for the 747 but if I have not found it by Monday it will be sent at a later date. The mail men in the US are really lazy the do not work on Sunday! Also do you get free local calls in Beguim as in the UK you do not and I was wondering in Belgium if you did.