Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 12:26 pm

On January 27th, 2000 I was on United Airlines flight 721 from Chicago to Las Vegas. This flight was special to me because it was my last flight on a United Airlines DC-10. Since I am a Premier member on United, I was able to upgrade to First Class. The flight was pleasant, overall. The only exception was that the reading lights would turn on and off intermittently during the flight.

I spoke briefly to the captain after our flight landed at LAS. After his last DC-10 flight, he will fly the Boeing 777 for 6 months then retire. I told him that I was probably one of the few passengers who enjoyed flying on the DC-10.

United’s last passenger DC-10 flight arrives into Chicago O’Hare on February 15th, 2000 from Hawaii in the early morning. This will be the end of the long relationship United had with Douglas. United will not have any Douglas aircraft left in it’s fleet.

At least I was able to travel on a DC-10-30 one final time. I have many fond memories on the DC-10 and will miss them. I did get a bit teary-eyed as I disembarked the plane. I looked out the window in the airport terminal and for the last time saw a DC-10 in United’s colors. That was my way of saying “good-bye.”
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 12:49 pm

I know how you feel. My last flight on a DC-10 was from DFW to LAX a few years back. It was also an -30.
N145AA. Hope you have a tail number to remember that last flight. But doesn't UAL still have 4 DC-10-30 that were converted to freighters for it cargo operations?
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 1:18 pm

The freighters were retired last month.

My last DC-10 flight with United was just over a year ago, a DC-10-10 (N1836U) on DEN-LAX.

Sadly, it has been a long time since the last scheduled DC-10 flight into Denver.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 1:30 pm

My last -10 flight was 9/15/2000 as AA28 HNLSFO N126AA seat 2G I will really miss the -10


RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 2:32 pm

my last DC10 flight was United flight 126 (I think) N1837U, LAX-ORD.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 3:29 pm

I'm goint to try to hop a ride on one before they are all gone. Aircraft 3056 days are numbered. It leaves sunday. Sold to FedEx. Aircraft#3057 and 3058 leave on 2-25-01. They too will become cargo planes with FedEx.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 3:43 pm

My memories of the UA DC10 were good ones. I flew to Hawaii and back in one back in 1997, and I had the *best* landing of my entire life when we arrived at SFO.

Aaron G.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 3:44 pm

Ship 3056 was parked out on the hangar line last nite. I did a nice thorough walkaround. Everything was shut down, even the APU, so it was very quiet. It was rather depressing knowing that this great bird will be gone in less than a week. I take every oppertunity I have and go up in the DC-10 cockpits at work. I know they won't be around much longer Sad
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Thu Feb 01, 2001 11:59 pm

It has been a few years since I was on a UA 10, but my last 10 flight was 2 or 3 yrs ago on AA633 from DFW to LAX. I will miss the 10's.

On a side note..booked on a DL 727 in a few weeks. A short hop from GSO to ATL, but still one more for the log book before they are all gone.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 12:25 am

Hey, dont be so sad. Northwest still has them if you want to ride.

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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 1:06 am

I'll miss those planes, last flight was last august, ORD-HNL

The Dc-10's were always my favorite..

UAL bagsmasher>>>>>

hey do you work weekends? i'd like to come up to ORD maybe for a day next weekend and get some pics of that plane... Also im going to DEN this weekend, of course i go through ORD, maybe i'll have some time....

send me a quick email if that could work out>>

Farewell UA DC-10-30

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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 1:09 am

I was on Northwest flight 26 from DTW-LGW on January 12/13. It was my first DC-10 flight and could possibly be my last. I'm glad I got to fly one at least once.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 1:42 am


Just had to comment on the DC-10. I am a United flight attendant and I am based and live in Las Vegas so I have worked 721 many times. I am really glad to know that you enjoyed the DC-10. Our Premiers and 1Ks loved it because it was usually pretty easy to get an upgrade...especially on the -30 which had 10 more fc seats than the -10. I personally hated working it because so many things didn't work. It is an old plane and really is ready for retirement. I must admit, though, she is absolutely beautiful to watch...especially in our gray paint scheme. That I will miss. I hope you have a replacement pick for my frequent fliers is the 777...FC and even BC will help you forget the DC-10.

Happy flying and look for me in the Friendly Skies.

Rob Dwyer
Las Vegas
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 2:50 am

Folks, I hate to say this, but I won't miss the DC-10. It was one of the worst designs ever produced. Just ask the folks who were on the following crashed DC-10s.AA at Chicago, UA at Sioux City and Turkish at Paris. All of these were related to the aircraft design. The rudder was always too small, and the systems had less redundancy than the competition. And the follow on design, the MD-11, has its own problems.I say good riddance from passenger service. On the other hand, its replacement, the B777 seems to be a great a/c.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 4:25 am

Just to throw in my two cents......the last tiem I was on a United DC-10 was May of 1999 from Washington Dulles to Denver. Sounds like that will be the last time too.

RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 6:18 am

Forgive me but you can only ask the survivors of the United DC10 was the only one that had survivors.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 6:38 am

That is exactly the point. They were the lucky ones.
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 7:29 am

My last flight: UA50, SFO-IAD back in the mid 90's. A redeye...departing at 10 pm.

RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 7:34 am

I have fond memories of flying dc-10's all over out den. Used to travel on them all of the time den-ord. That was back when they still flew with the old livery (maybe its just nostalgia talking, but i still think the old livery looks better).
oh well, at least i get one last trip on the dc10 when i fly nw in april  Smile
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 8:09 am

My last UA DC-10 flight was 1/13/00 from ORD to HNL, aircraft N1858U. It was a great flight, and I hate to see the DC-10s go. But since then I have flown on Northwest and Hawaiian DC-10s, and I hope to be able to continue to fly on them for a long time. I doubt if Hawaiian will get rid of theirs any time soon as they are still acquiring them. And you know how NW is with old planes. They keep them forever.

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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 8:20 am

My last DC-10 flight was with American. It goes way back in 1993 when I flew on one from DFW to Raleigh-Durham NC which was still a hub at that time. I also liked the DC-10 a lot, I've taken quite a few domestic flights with it on American between 1988 and 1993. American retired its last DC-10 two months ago.
Next week I'm taking a flight with American on a 727 from Newark to DFW. That will probably be the last time in my life I will fly on a 727. American will be "727 free" in three years from now at the latest.

Ben Soriano
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Ben Soriano
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 8:42 am

I will too miss the UA DC-10. I saw a couple when I connected through ORD in October. I was originally supposed to take a DC-10 from ORD-SEA (flight # 333)
But it was switched to a 757 (still good).I saw at least 6 or 7 UA 10-10's stored @LAS when I was there in June. I'll never forget when I left LAS to fly to DEN,then onto ORD-When I left LAS the -10 from ORD hadn't arrived yet. I flew United Shuttle to DEN,then when I was on the 767 fromDEN-ORD,I was listening to channel #9 (from the cockpit) The -10 was flying behind us to ORD from LAS. Unfortunately when I go to LAS in June the -10's will be all gone  Sad

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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 10:01 am


DEN has long lost its DC-10s Sad

Kindest Regards,
 SmileQantasA330 Smile
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 10:57 am

I have never been on a UA DC-10 my self, but I have flown a bunch of AA and NWA -10s. I was kinda pissed at UA over the summer when they cancelled my DEN-SFO flight which was a DC-10. At least I go rebooked on a 727 flight into SJC, and I have only been on a few 727s before.

RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 10:58 am

I wanted to thank all of you for your posts on this discussion thread. It's great to hear all of your stories. Thanks for taking the time. If anyone has any other great stories or photographs, please share them with me. Thanks, Brett Malon
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RE: Farewell United DC-10-30

Fri Feb 02, 2001 12:22 pm

My last UA DC-10 flight was in early 1990 SEA-ORD on the way to LHR on BA (back when UA and BA were an alliance). I remember the aircraft being packed.

My most memorable DC-10 flight on UA was SEA-HKG back in 1983. The aircraft, a Series 30, was leased from CP Air (the walls had canadian images all over the place-maple leaves, beavers, etc. along with standard UA seats), and the flight was 12 1/2 hours. They called it Royal Pacific Service back then and was very nice. The food was good, and the service very helpful and attentive. I couldn't wait to arrive though the flight was so long and boring... Ah, those were the days!

Charles, SJ
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