If You Want The Best...

Sat Apr 17, 1999 11:26 pm

Anyone flight sim buffs here?

Well, may I recommend B747-400 precision simulator by Aerowinx of germany. it's the best 747-400 simulator ever produced. It works just like a real 747-400. I tried it out with my girlfriend (who is also a FS enthusiast)in PC Aviator Melbourne. It was so good! You won't believe it until you get your hands on it! From startup to shutdown, it is very complicated. And I also tried the IGS fully loaded 744 landing into HKG Kai Tak. The only drawback 747-400PS1 has is the graphix, it's got a small display, and there's no external views.

Now she's begging for more! So what I have decided to do is to go to QANTAS 747-400 simulator next month, together, and let her see the real simulator! Can't wait!
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RE: If You Want The Best...

Sun Apr 18, 1999 2:43 am

Flight sim on a PC and the real thing are two completly different things. Don't think that you can fly a 47-400 now because you have mastered the sim one on your PC. Have you ever flown a 747? Well then how can you compare the two?

RE: If You Want The Best...

Sun Apr 18, 1999 8:57 am

I never said I can fly a real 747-400. I'm going to a 744 simulator. but i would try to fly a real one, that would be cool.