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USAirways 757,MD80,F100?

Fri Feb 02, 2001 6:15 am

I today read that if the planned US airline mergers take place, AA will receive all 757s, MD80s, and F100s from US Airways. Does that include all the routes that these a/c are flying at the moment? If not, where is AA gonna put them? If they replace the 727s and TWA's DC9s, the ordered 737-800s might not be needed as soon as originally planned.
Any thoughts 'bout that?
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RE: USAirways 757,MD80,F100?

Fri Feb 02, 2001 6:31 am

I don't think American is getting all the routes for the US Airways fleet in question. To ensure compeition, American has agreed to provide service to the following routes for a minimum of 10 years:
Philadelphia to Los Angeles
Philadelphia to San Jose
Philadelphia to Denver
Charlotte to Chicago O’Hare
Washington National to Pittsburgh (service provided by D.C.Air)

Here is some more info about the deal...

Sale of Assets

Under the agreement, upon the closing of United’s merger with US
Airways, United will transfer the following US Airways assets to

Twenty two jet slots and 14 commuter slots at New York’s
LaGuardia Airport.
Five gates at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, three gates at
Washington Reagan National Airport, three gates at Boston’s
Logan Airport, one gate at Philadelphia International Airport,
one gate at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and one gate at Newark
International Airport.
Thirty-six Fokker100 aircraft, 23 Boeing 757 aircraft and seven
MD-82 aircraft. United will also lease or sub-lease an additional
four F-100 aircraft, 11 B757 aircraft, and five MD-82 aircraft to
American Airlines.

Subject to agreement with relevant airline pilot unions, the agreement
provides that American Airlines will offer employment to 1,100 current
US Airways pilots associated with these three fleets. If fewer pilots elect
to transfer, the number of aircraft transferred may be affected.

Shuttle Joint Venture

As part of the agreement, United Airlines and American Airlines have
agreed to enter into a 20-year joint venture relating to the existing US
Airways Shuttle. Under this joint venture, United and American Airlines

Each fly half of the daily Shuttle flights between Washington
Reagan’s National Airport, New York’s LaGuardia Airport and
Boston’s Logan Airport, with each airline using its own planes
and crews.
Jointly market a Shuttle product with some common product
standards. United and American will coordinate schedules,
pricing, flight operations, lounge access, quality standards and
gate facilities.
Under the joint operation, customers will be able to select their
frequent flyer program of choice – either United Mileage Plus or
American’s AAdvantage program – and earn reward and
recognition regardless of which airline’s Shuttle flight they have
Each airline will honor each other’s Shuttle tickets, enabling
passengers to choose between the flights flown by either airline.

United and American will introduce a new level of competition,
customer choice and service to establish a competitive Shuttle product.
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RE: USAirways 757,MD80,F100?

Fri Feb 02, 2001 6:39 am

Didn't expect that much info, thanx, that answers everything.  Smokin cool

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