Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 3:31 am

I have just 3 questions. The first is, someone made some wacky commetn that all palne's crash on the day their flight numbers equal (SwissAir 111=3, September 3rd) but take for example UA232= 7 on the 19th of July!! And secondly, it seems airlines NEVER use the flight number again (For example sorry but UA 232). Is this in respect or by law? And lastly, I heard that like in the past 20 years, over 5 flights have BI-ACCIDENTLY (not for crash purposes) landed at the wrong airport. Is this true? How did this happen and do all ATCer's speak english? Thank-you in advance!
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RE: Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 3:59 am

All ATCer's on duty at international airports MUST speak english ofcourse.
In some cases, they can speak in their native language with local pilots, no problem.
The important thing is to keep all traffic informed about each other positions and this is ATC responsability.

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RE: Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 7:16 am

May I suggest a spell-ckeck before you post, UAPilot7 ?
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RE: Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 7:20 am

Most airlines change their flight numbers after a crash, but there are a few times when they didn't. TWA kept flight 800 for a month or so and Eastern kept flight 401 from JFK to MIA from the time that it crashed in 1972 all the way up till 1988. I thought this was particularly strange especially with all the hoopla about the Ghost Of Flight 401. Two movies and two books were made on this crash, but they still kept the flight number for over 16 years.
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RE: Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 10:49 am

From a PR standpoint it is usually a good thing to change the flight number at the earliest possible convienence. Usually no later when the new rate pubs come out.

It just doesn't make sense to have people book a flight and them tell them the flight number just to have them claim, "That's that flight that crashed and killed all of those people. I not flying it, what if it happens again."
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RE: Airplane Crash- Everyone Read

Sun Apr 18, 1999 8:15 pm

How many flights are there per day. And how many crashes already. Coincidence. You can gamble around with the figures however you like and interpret in the way you like - still it doesn't say anything...

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