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Air 2000 Installs Air-Ground Medical Services

Sat Feb 03, 2001 4:20 am

Just a bit of interesting information I found on the Air 2000 website.

In a move that appears to be prompted by growing concerns about the health-effects of air travel, and to meet future possible legislation in this area, Air 2000 has become the first UK Leisure airline, and only the second UK carrier after Virgin Atlantic to install Air-Ground medical services for use on their aircraft.

The service will be run from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and aircraft will access the service by VHF/HF radio.

Air 2000 claim it is part of their committment to their passengers' welfare, being as prepared as possible and equipped to cope with any in-flight medical emergency.

The new initiative is in line with a key recommendation from the recent House of Lords Report on "Air Travel and Health" Air 2000 were also the first leisure airline to install defibrillators on all aircraft and they claim addition of the new service on board will allow their pilots to make informed, potential life saving decisions with confidence.

More details on

Are Virgin Atlantic and Air 2000 unique in offering Air-Ground Medical services to assist their crews dealing with medical emergencies, or are other carriers offering these services or at planning to do so?