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Connecting In Dfw

Sun Apr 18, 1999 7:16 am

i am 14 years old. In june I will be flying American Airlines. My itinerary connects me into DFW. Do you think everything will go smoothly.I am flying bymyself. My layover is 3 1/2 hours long, what do you suggest I should do while I chill in DFW. FYI Im getting on a 767-300 to my final destination Im soooooooo excited. All my seats are windows on the wing.

RE: Connecting In Dfw

Sun Apr 18, 1999 8:54 am

If you are a commercial aviation enthusiast then I would suggest to do some spotting. Maybe you can see the new AA777 or the 737-800. AA and DL have hubs at DFW. Also, American has a museum about their history, at DFW. Have a great flight!

P.S. I will be flying alone BOS-DAB in july too. Any questions you can email me.

RE: Connecting In Dfw

Sun Apr 18, 1999 9:21 am

Here's something that might work:
1/ Don't miss the flight. Sounds stupid but I had a guy
who missed his flt to Maui via YVR because he wasn't paying attention...he was sitting across from the gate....20 ft away!
2/ When you see the gate agent arrive, go up to them and tell then how this is the first time your on a big plane. Tell them you're a little nervous about flying, but excited at the same time. Tell them how much you like planes. In the middle of it all, ask them if you'll be able to see alot out of the window seat you're in. Maybe, just maybe the agent will give you a better seat ----- read "upgrade". I've seen it work before...let me know if it works for you.
P.S Never ever ask for an upgrade...act stupid and let them do the work.
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RE: Connecting In Dfw

Mon Apr 19, 1999 1:04 am

Where are you flying the 767 to