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Sun Feb 04, 2001 2:09 am

Is it just me or is everyone else sick of hearing all this mess on Mergers?
Well here in Canada we have seen the two largest carriers merge. Now because of that there have been numourus delays, tons of complaints, Hey I know it is not easy merging two companies. Now the prices have gone up at least 6% and no doubt that they will rise even more. Now we will have some more competition seeing that Royal and Canada 3000 have merged, hopefully it will bring down some prices and have some really fair competition.
NOW in the states. YOu people must be drove off your head with the new on all of the airlines. UA/US, that has been on the go for ages, Now AA/TWA, I really don't want to see TWA go but it looks as if it will happen. @#&* Ichan!!!!! Idiot!! He royally screwed that airline!!!! Now another one is in the talks DL/CO. YOu people are going to be given the shaft. your prices will rise and service will suffer hugely!!! Are there any that I am forgetting?

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RE: Mergers!

Sun Feb 04, 2001 2:57 am

Ya competition is great in all, but what do you want more, lower prices or a newer fleet. Simple economics says "suppy and demand affect growth" So if the demand is down because of competition, than revenues will be down because of falling prices, = less money for expansion of their fleet, in a time where Air Canada, needs to update Canadian's old aircraft.

I want to see the merger, I will give Canada another kick ass airline, we need the support from Canadians to keep it going,

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