Mon Apr 19, 1999 2:58 am

Does anyone know when the roll out for the first 737-900 will be?
I have heard it will be able to fly long routes, possibly trans Pacific?
Who on Earth would want to be on a 737 for more than 4 hours??
Also, will this be the last 737 boeing will make? Or will there be a 737-1000? Hehe.
Any details or opinions are welcome. I am heading over to Boeing's web site now for more info...
All the Best,

P.S. Southwest is the launch costomer right?
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RE: 737-900

Mon Apr 19, 1999 4:56 am

Actually Alaska Airlines is the launch customer.

RE: 737-900

Mon Apr 19, 1999 4:59 am

Okay, if you consider 3140 miles transpacific that's alright with me.

As far as I know, Alaska and Continental have taken orders of the 739. Southwest is still sticking with the 73G.
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Never NARROW-BODIED Aircrafts

Mon Apr 19, 1999 10:51 am

Hi Capk :

You're right : nobody wants to stay on narrow bodied aircrafts such as on 737 or 757 more than 4 hours. Therefore, I think the maximum that a 737 can get is 737-800 ... that it's and it will be definitely used to serve short routes only (less than 2,500 miles distance). The only acceptable aircrafts serving long routes ( > 5,000 miles) would be DC-10, MD11, B767-300ER, B747-400 and B777.
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RE: Never NARROW-BODIED Aircrafts

Mon Apr 19, 1999 12:09 pm

I know that flying across the Atlantic doesn't sound like fun, but a few airlines have flights from the US to Europe on 757's! British Airways, TWA, and Continental all have trans-atlantic flights with the 757!

RE: Never NARROW-BODIED Aircrafts

Mon Apr 19, 1999 4:10 pm

Norrow-boddies are fine, remember the DC-8 and 707?
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RE: Never NARROW-BODIED Aircrafts

Mon Apr 19, 1999 6:48 pm

Mr Satnaq is right, we are just spoilt now. Saying that, 3 hrs in a narrow is my limit.
There are plenty of isolated islands in the pacific that cant afford or justify the wide body. Simple facts of life.