World Airways

Mon Apr 19, 1999 9:49 am

What is it like to fly World Airways? I heard they are a buisness airline. Where do they fly?
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RE: World Airways

Mon Apr 19, 1999 10:20 am

They are a charter airline so they fly where ever they have contracts. They do the Mecca pilgrimages, they fly sub-contract for other airlines, and they do military airlift charters. They can be seen in South America, The Orient, all over Europe and in Africa. They have even landed in strange places like Bahran and I think even Pakistan. During the 80's they flew scheduled service to Kansas City, Orlando, San Juan, Boston, Newark, Oakland, Baltimore, Los Angelas, Frankfurt, London, and Honolulu with a one class service called "Ultra Service", but this nearly bankrupted the company so they went back to charters. Then in the early 90's they did scheduled service again from the New york area to Tel Aviv, Ireland, and Senegal, but this was alos short-lived. I have never flown them but I toured their headquarters in Washington once and judging by pictures their meal service looked really good.
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RE: World Airways Website

Tue Apr 20, 1999 2:18 am

They have a corperate website but I don't have the address on the top of my head. I do have a link to it here......
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World Airways

Tue Apr 20, 1999 8:42 am

I flew them when they did scheduled service between Newark and LAX. The plane was a DC-10, pretty comfortable although you could only cross between the port and starboard aisles at the extreme front or rear of the plane.

The food was okay and they did hot towels... the only thing I did not like was that we boarded and disembarked outside (they operated from the North Terminal at EWR and what amounted to a caged-in enclosure at LAX) ... waiting for your luggage outdoors had a certain third-world feeling to it. But the price was right!

I heard a rumour on the AOL boards that Guilford/PAA was eyeing World for purchase, but there was no facts to back it up.
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RE: World Airways

Tue Apr 20, 1999 9:25 am

I flew on them about 5 years ago on a charter to Paris. It was the worst trans-atlantic experience I have ever had. The food was terrible as was the service. Plus, the DC-10 hadthe configuration of a 747!!!!! Oh well, I guess thats what one can expect with a charter