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Cargo Capacity Of 767 Vs. A330

Tue Feb 06, 2001 11:09 pm

Now I know that it is a fact that 767s can carry "less" containerized cargo than A300/330s. But how much less cargo is it? What benefits can come if the 767 operators uses LD-3A cargo containers side-by-side? And on the margin, is the difference in number of pallets carried significant if the operator uses LD-3As?


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RE: Cargo Capacity Of 767 Vs. A330

Tue Feb 06, 2001 11:20 pm

LD-3A?????? What is that???

Containers used for the 767 side-by-side are known as LD-2`s, or if it is one large container, as LD-8.
The 767 can hold a max. of 4 PMC-Pallets in the forward cargo compartment, the A330 is capable of carrying another 3 (or was it 4?) if it is a A332, even more if it is a A333, in the rear compartment, too.
Therefore I would say it is a great benefit if you have LARGE things (e.g. complete machines) to carry.

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RE: Cargo Capacity Of 767 Vs. A330

Tue Feb 06, 2001 11:21 pm

Here's a comparison of the max cargo capacity:

767-200: 81.3 m3
767-300: 106.8 m3
767-400: 129.6 m3

A310-300: 79.9 m3
A300-600: 115.7 m3
A330-200: 136.0 m3

As you can see, the total volumetric space available for cargo isn't that much greater for Airbus. However, the main advantage is that the Airbuses can carry the larger LD3 containers.

I haven't included the A330-300 because that would be an unfair comparison to the 767 is in the class with the 777-200. However, a comparison between those two:

777-200: 160.17 m3
A330-300: 162.8 m3