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Shadeless 727s

Sun Nov 22, 1998 2:05 pm

Does anyone know why some of the US Airways Shuttle 727-200s have no windowshades? The tracks are there but the shades aren't. I've asked the flight attendants, and they say it is to reduce weight. This sounds like an answer they made up because they don't know. One of them didn't even know there were no shades until I pointed it out to her. If they can afford to fly fuel-guzzling 727s with a three-person cockpit crew, why would they be concerned about the weight of the windowshades?
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RE: Shadeless 727s

Sun Nov 22, 1998 2:40 pm

I guess they are trying to enforce new meaning to the words
shuttle and cheap - hehe
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RE: Shadeless 727s

Sun Nov 22, 1998 3:33 pm

I will have to agree... I have never herd of no window shades . It makes you wonder.........
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RE: Shadeless 727s

Mon Nov 23, 1998 10:06 am

I have no idea why they removed the shades, but the reply you got from that flight attendant is some of the most creative BS I've heard in a while!
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RE: Shadeless 727s

Mon Nov 23, 1998 5:27 pm

They probably don't have any spares and if enough of them were broken it would be easier to remove them all - something less for the pax to complain about if no-one had any! Mind you, Ansett Australia have recently removed all the covers from their in-flight magazines and taken the paint off their wings in a effort to reduce weight. These ideas came from crew who were asked for suggestions in their in-house memo!