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Delta Shuttle Good?

Mon Apr 19, 1999 11:40 pm

We have been talking about the Delta Shuttle and its aircraft alot lately. I was wondering how many of the people here fly on it and if they enjoy flying on the 727s and what they think of the service. I personally enjoy seeing these old workhorses still operating everyday.
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RE: Delta Shuttle Good?

Tue Apr 20, 1999 4:06 am

I flew it because I wanted to take some pics and I hate props. The plane's are nicer than the regular Delta 727's! They have ALL leather (blue) seats which are very comfortable. No first class, making PLENTY of leg room. The food is good. There are only 2 gallies and I belive 2 bathrooms. the servic has like an 89% on time record and the pilot let me come up to the cock-pit to chat in flight!
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RE: Delta Shuttle Good?

Tue Apr 20, 1999 4:25 am

I fly on the Delta Shuttle a lot (almost daily) and the service is pretty good. I will say the seats are comfortable, the service good, a 97% on time takeoff, but I disagree about the leg room. First Class on lots of planes have more legroom than the Delta Shuttle. Still, I have to say I do enjoy flying on them.

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RE: Delta Shuttle Great!

Tue Apr 20, 1999 9:28 am

I'll be flying on the Delta Shuttle this Saturday. The Shuttle is my favorite airline because of the very comfortable 727s. They use their oldest 727s on this route, the ones numbered N4--DA, but the interiors have been redone since they were on Delta mainline routes and they look brand new. The service is excellent. I'll be on the 6:30 pm flight from LGA to DCA, and since that flight is usually practically empty, my party will probably have the whole back of the plane to ourselves. Most people seem to sit in the front. There is an open seating policy on the Shuttle.
I'll be going up on the US Airways Shuttle, mainly because I like flying the ex-Eastern 727s and I like flying with Eastern crews. But the Delta Shuttle is my favorite.

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